About Willow


Willow, a brown and white ball of fur and energy, found herself in a high kill shelter in Tennessee in early October 2015. Luckily for Willow, Ripley Animal Rescue found her and took her on her “freedom ride”. Willow’s picture was posted on Facebook, and upon seeing her, Peter Lantz and his family decided to try to adopt her. Not surprisingly, the shelter was happy to see her go to such a great family. Willow, with the help of Orphans Transport, made her way north and met her new family on November 1, 2015. Shortly thereafter, Willow bounded through the doors of Lantz Law and into the shoes of the office mascot. Willow has taken on the role with great enthusiasm. She’s a natural at greeting clients and has endeared herself to everyone in our office. She dutifully posed for our Christmas cards, even tolerating hats, which is no small feat for a puppy. All in all, Willow seems to have all the qualities necessary to be a successful office mascot. We hope you have the chance to meet her someday.

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