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Total Wealth Management: The Definitive Guide to Estate and Financial Planning
Co-Authored by Attorney:

Katherine T. Lantz

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This book is a first; financial and estate planning in one easy-to-understand text from top experts in the field, collaborating to provide you with powerful knowledge that can benefit you immediately.The book’s 22 chapters begin with the financial planning process. The next few chapters deal with different forms of protection and ways of insuring yourself. These chapters are followed by an extensive discussion of living trusts. The next part of the book describes important ancillary documents that are important on their own, but also help to transform your living trust into a more complete estate-planning package. There are then a few brief chapters on other types of trusts that should be considered depending upon one’s net worth, tax bracket, and donative intent.

The book ends with a discussion as to how you can be better prepared to meet with your estate planning attorney, with present value tables to assist you in making financial projections, and with appendices on the probate and Medicaid process.
The central purpose of the book is to make you a better informed investor and planner. Ideas, concepts, and summary checklists are included to better your situation now as well as provide help and protection for your loved ones. Once you have completed this book, you will be armed with the kind of information that will give you peace of mind now and in the future.

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