Client Testimonials

  • “Clear and concise. Enjoyable! Informative yet humorous. A light-hearted look at a serious subject and a great motivator to follow up with PLANNING!” – Pamela M. Blair

  • This is an interesting and informative seminar to help you with your estate planning. Presentation is clear and easy to understand. Be sure to attend this seminar, you’ll be glad you did!” – Marian J. Rose
  • “I have been licensed in real estate, investments & insurances. This is the best seminar on Estate Planning & Asset Protection I have ever attended!” – Mr. Daryl Gonyon
  • “For nearly twenty years, the Lantz Law Firm has been a trusted part of my family.  My parents needed legal guidance regarding a Family Trust and all the delicate intricacies that a Trust entails.   The Attorneys and the entire staff at Lantz Law were extremely knowledgable and were able to advise and guide my parents into what was to become the wisest financial decision of their lives.   But, more importantly, they were treated with dignity and respect. My parents have very recently passed and I am truly thankful to be guided by Lantz Law, as well.   I have every confidence that my actions will also be professionally guided.   I would highly recommend Lantz Law to offer the same sense of security to everyone.” – Christine Crowther
  • “We used this firm for my mother in laws estate when she took sick years ago. We have gone to their seminars at the Century House in Acushnet. The laws are always changing on the property look back. We did it to protect her estate if she ever had to go to a nursing home. It worked for us. At the time they had a 3 yr look back. I recommend this law firm to any homeowner.” – Donna L
  • “Excellent, learned a lot!” – Marguerite Pellerin
  • “I’m very confident with [the] Lantz Law firm. They keep up with all the law changes and make sure to inform their clients. I would highly recommend them to anyone.” – M.R.
  • “Absolutely, very informative especially for anyone with property and other assets they want to leave to their children.” – J.M.
  • “What you presented was very informative and understandable in the way it was presented. My brother-in-law, who was with me, said he liked the seminar as well.” – S.E.M.

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